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Mistakes To Avoid When Building A New eCommerce Website

The future for businesses going the online road is beyond Wall Street. Statistics speak for themselves. Over 5.40 billion people use the internet globally, out of which 2.14 billion users prefer online shopping. It is estimated that the Annual Growth for e-commerce platforms will be 8 percent in the years 2020 to 2024. This is why all stores need to be out there on the online front and expand their horizons. 
However, one thing remains a fact: startups and even large enterprises should avoid these mistakes when building their eCommerce website. Otherwise, the finances and time they invest will go down the drain. Let’s see what are those mistakes businesses can avoid to flourish their online store.

Lack Of A Plan

Most businesses fail because most of them do not have a robust plan to start with. A bunch of money in their pocket, resources, and a wave of positivity are not enough to go through. It turns out it doesn’t work that way. 

They need to have a strategic skillset and a schematic approach towards how to manage and execute things. Also, startups need to consider the reproducibility and the expansion of the overall e-commerce platform if they want to build a promising clientele.

mistakes to avoid

Poor Images and Descriptions

Visual presentation plays a crucial role in determining the overall credibility and rapport of B2C communications and experience. This mistake is important to be avoided when building your eCommerce platform is important because a client cannot physically feel the presence of a product. They need to have an insightful view of the product through the image and description available on the platform. 

Thus, if a business does not pay attention and add high-quality images and relevant description, the website is not going to attract customers. 

Ignoring the Competition

Many businesses feel it unnecessary to spend their finances, time, and other resources on competitive analysis. They think if they only focus on their product or services, the market will speak in their favor. There is some positivity behind this consideration. However, relying entirely on one’s own castle security isn’t going to fade the ever-increasing threats of the outside. 

This is why spending time and money on market analysis, and e-commerce plugins that allow businesses to have a deep competitor market research is a good option. Companies get to see what the competitors lack and the areas in which they can create a better strategy and get ahead of their competitors.

Choosing the Wrong Content Management System (CMS)

It is not easy to develop a website from scratch and then manage it. However, businesses can find many content management system (CMS) platforms in the market that help to effectively strategize and execute their web presence.
WordPress, for example, is among the most popular CMS. It might not be suitable for a specific type of business. For example, a business that mainly depends on video animations might require a more custom-based online store CMS like Magneto than WordPress, which follows a more textual approach. If a business is not about blog posting much, going for a WordPress content management system would be a wrong choice for that system.

website mistakes

Inadequate Search Capability

Some businesses fail to have the right resources provided in their web pages for their clientele for a proper search. This adds to the client’s confusion, making it difficult for them to find the desired product or service in time. Businesses do not want such stagnancy that can ultimately lead visitors to leave their page. This will only cause a loss in sales and bounce rate businesses don’t want. 
Therefore, optimizing the search capability is one of the ways startups can accelerate their client service and increase their sales. They can use tactical e-commerce plugins to bridge this gap.

website mistakes to avoid

Surprise Shipping Amounts

When building a site online, businesses must take into account the overall client experience. It is not professional to strike the clients with surprising shipping costs after they have hit the buy option. It can to bad feedback and decrease the trust of the prospect turned into a client. Abandoning of carts is also due to this very reason. The principal reason people abandon carts is unanticipated shipping costs with 41%.
So, it is essential to get in a plug-in like WooCommerce that will help calculate the total cost transparently. The more the process is automatic and transparent, the easier it will be for the client to trust the platform and get ahead with the purchase.


These are the key mistakes to avoid when building a new eCommerce website that your business needs to evaluate so you can make profitable adjustments. Among those adjustments, avoiding mistakes such as keeping a shuteye from competitors, lack of a business plan, and choosing the wrong Content Management System (CMS) is a big NO and must be avoided at all costs.

If a startup finds it challenging to keep track of these possible errors or an enterprise wants to execute the right steps to stay ahead in the game, they can contact Mejix for more details. Mejix houses a group of experienced and talented experts in the online business and marketing forum that know the screws and bolts of the big picture. 

If there is a complication a business cannot comprehend or wants to make a difference in its niche, simply following instructions will not be enough. One needs to have a tactical and experienced resource capable of reading between the lines. With its experience, a company can extract a functional and ever-expanding plan that actually helps in the flourishing of the organization. Mejix can do that for you; get in touch with our customer support system that will respond at the earliest and provide a quick quote.