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Project Fail

Why do software
projects fail?

Despite the best intentions, more than 60% of software development projects don’t make it to the finish line.

No matter the reasons, the results are a lack of progress for the company. We’re talking about time, money, and resources that could be better invested in rescuing a project and delivering a solution to your company.

These are a few of the reasons why software development projects fail


Poor communication


Poor-quality coding


Insufficient product testing


Inadequate technology


Outsized expectations

Why use Mejix?

Tight Budget

We are a product-first company


We empower CTOs in large organizations and act as interim CTOs in small businesses

Thinking Ahead

We take the time to learn your business needs and then design your software solution


We know how to work with startups and companies with tight budgets

We have 20+ years of experience building digital products


We build and maintain ERP systems, CRMs, marketplaces, online stores, and trading and payment systems


We work in an Agile environment, combining empathy and professionalism into our development process


We build SaaS platforms, mobile apps, and large organizations’ ERP and CRM software

Years Of Experience
Successful Projects
Software Specialists
Countries Serviced

As part of the project recovery, we can

Optimize your hiring and scaling

We can reinforce or temporarily replace your in-house staff with a team of experts prepared to deliver best practice software solutions.

Recover a project at risk or restart a project

We’re well-versed in custom software development, website and ecommerce design, and a whole range of digital marketing services.

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we master

Our team manages projects using best-practice methodologies and develops software using modern technologies, making sure we deliver the required software solutions for your growing business within time and budget constraints.

Your project recovery process


Understand your business requirements


Define the product requirements


Develop and test the product


Deliver the product and onboard your users

Support maintain

Support, maintain, and enhance your digital product

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