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How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store?

To improve traffic to an online store, the use of some proven strategies is a must to ensure the maximum of the site visitors are getting converted into the top funnel of sales. This will help to increase Return on Investment and make an E-commerce website a profit-making tool. 

Driving traffic to a website is super-vital as we all know. More and more businesses are going online, and more and more shoppers use online platforms to buy services and products. According to analytics, only 3 in 100 website visitors convert into customers. This conversion points to the fact that only a certain traffic level went to the end of the sales funnel. To know how to increase conversion rate, it is first necessary to know what website traffic is.

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What Is Traffic?

Traffic essentially means the total visitors coming to a landing page or website. For example, when you set up an online store, you might set up an advertisement campaign and expect people to click on the link given. Now, as the prospects click on the link, they are directed to the online store or website; this is your traffic. 

It is essential to drive traffic to an e-commerce website for the following benefits:

  • An increase in the conversion rates and lead generation.
  • Optimization of a website’s reach on the internet.
  • Improvement in the sales flow.
  • Improved competency in the relevant niche.

What Are The Ways For Increasing Web Traffic?

Increasing traffic to a website is not rocket-science. Here are some of the best-proven tactics to improve website traffic.

Maintain An Online Presence Through Social Media

Setting up an e-commerce website is not going to be enough when it comes to competing against competitors. Having a social media presence and that too on multiple platforms is what businesses need to improve their online sales scoreFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most highlighted social media platforms that help attract prospects, increasing traffic to an online store. Businesses can use these platforms to engage with their followers, answer their queries, and help them get to the product/service pages they require.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing, or email sequencing, is also a reminding tool for potential buyers. It helps improve sales by keeping the top funnel traffic in the loop and helps prospects get back to a website time and again. The real essence is to provide prospects with fruitful information and link them with the information given. This is how email marketing can help a business generate more traffic for the website.

Watch Your Speed

An online store owner or company also needs to check the website speed, which helps analyze the traffic. The fast speed will extract a better experience for the user, while the slow website speed will result in a bad experience. A user will stay on the website longer if the website speed is faster, which increases the conversation rate significantly. 

Search engines rank fast loading websites higher, and good speed also results in a reduced bouncing rate.

Make Sure That Your Store Is Mobile-Friendly

More than 50% of the total traffic comes from mobile users. It is so because smartphones and other such devices are generally in use most of the day. To improve the website reach, a business must make the website compatible with mobile devices. Mobile-friendly content is not only more sharable but also helps a site rank better.

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Utilize SEO Resources

Utilizing SEO resources helps a site rank in the top search engine results. web development agency can help an online business use the right keywords having the perfect search volume for more traffic. A website must use keywords in blogs, posts on social media, and product or service descriptions where applicable. 

Using optimized meta descriptions, SEO titles, and internal and external links are some vital SEO tactics necessary for improving a website’s position in search engine results.

Simplify Your Checkout Process

To ensure an online store runs in the best form, a simplified checkout process is a must. This is crucial because many people drop their idea of buying a product if the cart is too complicated. 

It might have a distracting format or layout, offer complex additions, or is simply unresponsive, making the prospects refrain from buying a product. A simplified checkout process will give a better experience on the online store and improve revenue without incurring extra marketing expenses.

Customer Chat – Customer Support

Using a chatbot and other automated tools that offer effective customer support will ensure better website traffic. 

Most of the prospects are looking for exact and beneficial information that will not waste their time. Thus, getting them with the right customer support can help gain good momentum and possibly make them become customers. Surely, a business can get a human customer support team, but these should not be the front-line support system as no one can be there 24/7, complying with the clients’ high expectations. 


Improving traffic undeniably results in improve conversions and an increase in Return on Investment. Using social media platforms, improving website speed, using Chatbots, embracing SEO practices, and making an online store mobile-friendly are important strategies that help gain the results every business wants.

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