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Full Stack web development services to build your product according to your vision for upscale your business, We build custom enterprise-grade solution for startups & global 500.


Products & Services

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Digital Product Development

We help you plan, design, develop, deploy, and maintain custom developed software for your business. Power your business transformation with innovative and cost-effective custom business solutions
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Project Recovery Management

We are using Recovery Project Management methodologies for managing troubled projects. Whether a project in trouble for poor planning, lack of clear requirements, or technical issues, we can evaluate and offer a project recovery path
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From improved system performance to software updates and bug fixes, we cover all the maintenance tasks you need for a successful and competitive digital product that runs smoothly and efficiently
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Mobile App Development

Whether you are building a new mobile app or extending your ERP to increase your team productivity, we can support you with tailor-made mobile solutions that help your business thrive
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UI/UX Design

Whether you are building a new mobile app or extending your ERP to increase your employee’s productivity, we can help you design your mobile product, and increase your team productivity
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Our support team is here to assist you promptly with any technical issues that may arise after launch. Whether you have troubleshooting issues or need some guidance, we will support you through the process and offer the best solutions for your needs
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Website Development

We can help you design and develop your company online brand or develop a business portal for your customers and employees to start, grow, and manage your online business
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Software Testing

We use the latest tools in the industry to provide software testing and QA services, ensuring your product works flawlessly and bug-free while reaching its top performance

Our Software Development Process




Project planning




UX and UI Design








Application support – on demand

Technologies We Use


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Why Mejix?


We work in Agile environment, combining empathy and proffesionalism into our development process


We know how to work with startups and companies with tight budgets


We build and maintain ERP systems, CRMs, marketplaces, online stores, and trading and payment systems


We empower CTOs in large organizations and act as interim CTOs in small businesses

Thinking Ahead

We take the time to learn your business needs and then design your software solution

Tight Budget

We are a product-first company

We’re proud of our work

Our clients praise us
for our great results

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Custom software development is the process of creating unique software applications that cater to the specific needs and requirements of an individual or business. Custom software solutions are built from scratch based on the client’s specifications, providing exceptional flexibility and scalability.

Custom developed software has many advantages for your business, such as:

Unique solutions for your business needs: custom software development is tailor-made according to your specific business needs, goals and challenges, offering unique solutions that can give your business a competitive edge and increase efficiency

Flexibility and scalability: custom software solutions can grow and shift along with your business, offering you enough flexibility to navigate business growth, integrate customer feedback or implement changes when needed

Customer Satisfaction: with custom developed software you can prioritize a personalized user experience, which is vital for cultivating customer satisfaction and loyalty

Cost effectiveness: custom-made software may need a significant investment at the beginning, but long-term it offers significant cost-savings. Custom software not only eliminates ongoing licensing fees, but it also helps you reduce extra costs in the future, giving you a better ROI in the long run

Control and ownership: custom developed software gives your business full ownership and control over your digital product, allowing you to make changes and adapt it according to your evolving needs

Custom software development costs can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the platform of choice, project size and complexity, or the features and functionalities required. It’s essential to provide detailed project requirements so that our team can provide a customized estimate based on the scope of your project.

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