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Benefits of Using WooCommerce to Build your eCommerce Site

Running your online store can be a tedious task if your eCommerce site doesn’t pair well with the tools employed for the purported purpose.

Fortunately, WooCommerce is a platform that ticks all the boxes with its open-source nature and capabilities.

What is WooCommerce?

Built on WordPress, WooCommerce is a highly-scalable platform that turns your website into a completely-functional online store. From design & customization to adding functionality and usability to an eCommerce site, WooCommerce offers a vast feature-set for free.

WooCommerce extends your online store in a lot of ways ranging from flexible payments from the sales made, to member-only content in a digital form.


How WooCommerce Works?

WooCommerce unleashes its potential by being a plugin. If your website is built upon WordPress, you can run your eCommerce site by building the entire online store around WooCommerce.

From customization of the layout to keep an eye on the customers’ orders through the orders, WooCommerce works charmingly smooth and gets along very well.

Various Benefits that make WooCommerce the Users’ Choice

By employing WooCommerce for your eCommerce site, you get a host of advantages that keep you ahead in your game.

First of all, WooCommerce provides a plethora of customization opportunities. It is something to cheer for when you get to avail yourself this for absolutely free. The customizations benefit not only the store owner but also the buyer at the other end.

A great looking and easily navigable online store give a better grasp of what the catalog on the eCommerce site caters to.

Secondly, your online store expands beyond imagination by adding various WooCommerce plugins. Plugins like PayPalGoogle Analytics, and Yoast SEO work tremendously and extend a slew of aspects, resulting in outstanding growth and sales figures for your online store.

Moreover, WooCommerce simplifies the language barriers for global audiences by translating 100% of the content into 24 different languages. It makes sure that different buyers around the globe don’t miss out on anything that your eCommerce site offers.

Another great benefit of using the WooCommerce platform is the ease of accessibility. WooCommerce Mobile App allows you to have total control of your digital store on the go.

The mobile app lets you tweak or add new products, handle customer orders, keep track of important statistics and a lot more.

Websites by Mejix. Woocommerce sites such as and are a couple of examples that pitch an idea about how well an eCommerce plugin can do with a proper implementation.



All in all, WooCommerce is a do-it-all platform for all your business needs if you are into selling products and offering add-on content digitally. By eliminating the need for separate systems for secure payments, the platform banks on an ultra-modern working model.

To top it off, WooCommerce has a team of engineers that work remotely from over 58 countries that keep all your technical woes at the bay.

Ultimately, WooCommerce emerges as a top contender in the battle among different eCommerce platforms in the industry.

With the ever-expanding relation between the business and the buyer, it adds a lot of combinations of features to select from.