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5 Important Elements of a Successful eCommerce Site

Worldwide ecommerce sales are expected to grow to $4.92 trillion by 2021. More and more consumers prefer purchasing goods online. It’s easy and convenient, and the statistics show that online stores have steady growth in the coming years. Launching an ecommerce website can help you take your business to the next level.

An ecommerce website manages financial transactions made online like sales or customer account management. If you buy services or products on the Internet, you have experienced an ecommerce website. A major advantage of Ecommerce websites is that customers can communicate with you from anywhere, at any time. But be careful, if your website is not designed properly, it won’t work for your business as you expect it to and it can have a negative effect on your company’s brand. 

The online stores industry is a competitive space, so you must have a well designed plan that includes goals, milestones, and clear expectations to build a great online store. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen MagentoWoocommerceShopify or any other platform – here are some essential elements to make your shop a successful ecommerce website.

succesful ecommerce site

Clean and Intuitive Design

It’s not breaking news that a website’s look and feel has a major influence on sales. Research says that almost 50% of people determine the credibility and professionalism of a business by its website design and visual appearance.

When creating an ecommerce website, you can consider a minimalistic website design with a simple color scheme and elegant typography. Why choose simplicity? Well, the more elements you put on a web page, the more they may distract users from the main purpose of the store. Your customers need to navigate intuitively, to find the products and the checkout easily. So, be sure to remove any unnecessary elements. 

Don’t forget to keep it simple and professional, and make sure the focus is on the sale. A clean and simple ecommerce website design is the best approach for your online business.

High Quality Product Images

It may sound like a cliché, but it is true – a picture conveys a thousand words, especially for ecommerce websites.

Product images are very important for visitors because it forms their first impression of the product. To understand your customer’s needs, you have to put yourself in their place. Would you trust a store with low-quality product images? Would you find their products appealing? The chances are you would not.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, consumers can’t touch, feel, or smell your products when they buy online items. The image of the product has to replace these senses with as much detail as possible.

Invest in high-quality images to display the product quality. Online visitors need to see how the real product looks and this can be definitory for their final decision.

Product images or videos are the best bet of any ecommerce store. They can help customers in their decision to buy your products, to trust you, and help you boost your sales. 

Good mobile experience

In 2020, most people purchased products using their mobile devices rather than their PCs and laptops. We are living in a mobile era, so this is an important fact not to miss out on. Ensuring that your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly is a must nowadays. A mobile growing market share means that your online shop should have a device-responsive strategy to ensure you’re getting conversions no matter what device the user is using.

Responsive design can make your ecommerce website way more user-friendly. It is very important to make sure that your customers can proceed to checkout without any “Uf!” or eye-rolling. Their pleasant experience is a priority. Your mobile site should allow visitors to easily access all of the important features, offers, and products in no time.

Make sure that your website mobile experience is user-friendly and your customer can complete their purchase using their phone. This will have them coming back for more, a win-win for you and your customers.  

Useful Product Description

Your product descriptions have one main purpose: to provide relevant and useful information about your product. The images are not enough to properly describe an item. The description should cover the benefits of your products, specific details, and the important features.

When a shopper looks at an item, they want to know why they should buy this specific product. Try to imagine what you would ask about the product and prepare a compelling response to these questions in the product description. Make sure that your product descriptions effectively convey the value your product provides.

Did you know that the majority of shoppers visit ecommerce websites to browse around without the intention to buy something specific? Well, a great product description will keep them engaged on the page, and a nice product presentation (image and text) can make them change their minds to make a purchase, and maybe even share it with friends. 

Invest some time in creating compelling content for a well-done and relevant description, and the results will be rewarding.

Easy Checkout Process

The checkout process is the most important element of an ecommerce website because it directly affects your online store conversions. You can lose a customer experiencing a poor checkout experience. Knowing the importance of this step, you should invest in delivering a great checkout experience to your buyers.

This is another element that relies on simplicity. It should be easy for customers to add items to their shopping carts and proceed to the checkout page. Make sure that you don’t create unnecessary confusion during checkout. Customers should be able to view exactly what they have in their cart, clearly understand the costs, and add or remove an item if they choose. 

Using a simple and clean design has a significant effect on this step.  Pay attention to features like a guest checkout option, easy and functional form-filling, multiple payment options, and an informative cart summary.

Additionally, don’t forget to optimize your checkout page for speed. yYou wouldn’t want to make your customers wait for you. Improving your checkout experience can help you boost your conversion, having a direct impact on sales.

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Ready to Create an Effective Ecommerce Website?

We covered just a few important elements of a successful ecommerce website. As you see, it is not enough for an ecommerce website to be visually-attractive. It must also provide a great and intuitive shopping experience. If consumers feel comfortable with your online store, they are more likely to  buy your products, come back, and recommend you as a trustable brand. 

If you are overwhelmed by all these steps, feel free to ask for help. An ecommerce web agency can make it simpler and stressless for you, you are not alone in this business.
We’d be happy to help you improve your ecommerce website design and conversion strategy. Check out our ecommerce page to learn what we do, and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us for free consultation.