Azure DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a talented DevOps Engineer to join our team and work to deploy and operate our systems and function as the liaison for operations. You will prioritize and troubleshoot customer issues and help to resolve them.

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    We are looking for good people

    • We kind of expect you to already have a good knowledge of Azure and AWS Cloud Services including WebApps SQL Server Management Web Jobs Microservices and functions as well as Storage Accounts (minimum 3 years of experience are required).
    • Good experience in migration of IIS/SQL Net stack application to Azure PaaS/IaaS.
    • Strong understanding of application and platform based security best practices including OWASP ISO and GDPR.
    • Setting and configuring continuous integration on Azure environment.
    • Experience with Docker.
    • Good understanding of Azure logging system.
    • Very good experience in estimating the costs of hosting applications.
    • Have a good response to issues in a short time frame.
    • Windows and Azure PowerShell.
    • Geo-Distributed data collection and traffic management.
    • Understanding of local IIS (HA/Load balanced) implementations including CDN integration.
    • IIS / Apache and Database deployments.
    • Understanding of REST API and other secure data transfers (testing and securing).
    • Basic understanding of Big Data system architecture/limitations.
    • You have a willingness to learn any new tech on the fly.
    • A hunger to seek out new technologies industry trends and best practices — and enjoyment sharing that knowledge with others.
    • Git is not just GitHub it’s a tool to control the history of code and you know how to navigate it and you’re eager to get better at it.
    • Good understanding of how the .Net applications works.

    We want detail-oriented thinkers

    • Involved in all phases of software engineering from inception to coding | testing | delivery and operation.
    • Develop high-quality code that follows best practices and clean code principles.
    • Advocate for improvements to product quality/security and performance.
    • Collaborate with other engineers or team members on various layers of the infrastructure to design and launch new features.
    • As an experienced engineer interact with the client to understand and characterize their needs and advise them if necessary.
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    We Seek Leaders

    • The ability to effectively take direction.
    • Prototyping unknown solutions.
    • Knowing the steps to quickly debug issues as the come up.

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